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October 30, 2014

A Hood Cream Halloween

Christopher Coombs, Hood Cream Chef

One of my favorite holidays in New England is Halloween.  It is a quintessential holiday in the Northeast because it incorporates everything we cherish - foliage, harvest season, pumpkins, apples, and the crisp autumn air.

Growing up, I remember trick-or-treating on the North Shore of Massachusetts, just minutes away from Salem. Even then, I knew how special Halloween was here with all the history surrounding the area… maybe even more so than in any other part of the country.  

Today, we love celebrating Halloween at our restaurants dbar, Deuxave and Boston Chops.  At Deuxave, we offer some sophisticated twists on traditional Halloween flavors like a spiced pumpkin tartlet topped with a caramel apple cream and various other apple dishes peppered throughout our menu.

My wife and I also enjoy inviting friends over for grown-up Halloween dinner parties where costumes are always encouraged because they make for great cocktail party conversation. We serve everything from beverages to desserts that all have fall flavors incorporated in them. Below are some delicious ideas for your own at-home Halloween celebration!

Start off the night with a cocktail of homemade cider with spices and served warm with a dollop of cinnamon-infused whipped Hood® Cream.  Serve a beautiful first course by carving out mini pumpkins and then filling them with a cream of pumpkin bisque topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. Cider-braised pork loin with roasted and candied root vegetables is a seasonal favorite that pairs well with all the flavors of Halloween and acts as a tasty main dish. My favorite way to finish a Halloween celebration is recreating our Deuxave fall favorite-a mini pumpkin spice tartlet-served with a creamy pumpkin spice latte.  

After dinner, we like to send our guests off with fall-themed treats to enjoy at home, including homemade pumpkin spice-infused marshmallows and homemade chocolates and caramels.   

Halloween can still be enjoyed by people of all ages in a variety of ways- especially in New England!

Christopher Coombs

Chef Christopher Coombs is the owner and executive chef at three of Boston's top restaurants: Deuxave, Boston Chops and dbar.

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