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Hood® Simply Smart® Milk Debunks Milk Myths during National Better Breakfast Month

Lynnfield, MA (September 25, 2013)

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), nearly nine out of ten women ages 20 and older fail to meet their daily calcium recommendations. Hood® Simply Smart® Milk, which provides "All the taste, without all the fat™," recently completed a national survey of women ages 30 - 65 on their milk use and knowledge in honor of National Better Breakfast Month. This survey set the record straight on the following three milk myths:Myth #1- Everyone knows that milk is a better source of protein than an egg.Truth #1- Many women are uninformed about the amount of protein contained in milk.The survey found that 97% of respondents were unaware that a glass of Simply Smart Milk contains more protein than an egg - it has 10-11 grams, depending on the type of Simply Smart Milk. The Fat Free and 1% Low Fat milks offer 25% more protein and 20% more calcium than regular whole milk and the Simply Smart Chocolate Fat Free Milk has 37% more protein than regular reduced fat chocolate milk.Another interesting finding revealed that, despite having more breakfast options, women still choose to have milk in the morning.Myth #2-Milk is no longer one of the most popular daily breakfast components.Truth #2-Milk still makes an appearance at the breakfast table for 73% of women!Whether it's a delicious bowl of cereal with milk, a creamy glass of milk on the side, or used in a recipe, milk remains a top choice for women at breakfast. Simply Smart Milk is a good option to start the day with because it's nutritious and delicious, available in Fat Free, 1% Low Fat, and Chocolate Fat Free.The survey found that women enjoy milk at other times of the day as well.Myth #3- Consumers prefer to dunk Cookies & Cream Cookies in their milk.Truth #3- Chocolate chip cookies are still a favorite among milk drinkers who dunk!Simply Smart Milk found that 43% of women still pick chocolate chip cookies as their favorite treat to dunk in milk. Chocolate Chip Cookies were the clear winner, followed by Cookies & Cream Cookies with 14% dunking, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with 9.14% dunking. "Simply Smart Milk provides consumers with a healthy and delicious choice," said Lynne Bohan, HP Hood spokesperson. "Not only does Simply Smart Milk contain a great nutrient package without added fat and calories, it still possesses the rich and creamy taste of fuller fat milk."Survey Methodology*The referenced survey was conducted online by Survey Monkey from August 28-September 3rd, 2013 and presents findings from a sample of 536 women ages 30- 65.