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HP Hood ‘Serves Up’ New Simply Smart® Milk Advertising Campaign Featuring Tennis Legend Chris Evert

Lynnfield, MA (February 19, 2009)

In radio spots that recently began airing throughout New England and in select Southeast markets, tennis legend Chris Evert states that she "simply prefers" drinking Hood Simply Smart® Milk.The message means a lot coming from a former World No. 1 female tennis player and mom of three. Now through the end of the year, Evert will be featured in a campaign that promotes the full line of Hood Simply Smart Milk products: Simply Smart Fat Free Milk, Simply Smart 1% Milk and Simply Smart Chocolate Fat Free Milk. "Besides being a huge fan of Simply Smart Milk, Chris Evert is a great match for the brand," said Elizabeth Underhill, Marketing Manager, HP Hood. "She represents the fit, healthy lifestyle that many of our consumers relate to or aspire to, and makes smart choices for herself and her family to maintain that lifestyle."Three 30-second radio advertisements-entitled "Champion," "Great Match" and "Attention"-are airing in New England, Georgia and Florida as part of the campaign. In the spots, Evert, a former U.S. Open, French Open and Wimbledon champion, uses tennis metaphors to describe how Simply Smart Milks offer the creamy taste and health benefits to fit her family's active lifestyle. In addition to the radio spots, Evert will also be featured on the Hood website as part of a Simply Smart-sponsored contest that will be unveiled later this year. For more information, visit # #