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Hood Quality Commitment

An Uncompromised Commitment to Quality

As a leader in dairy innovation for more than 170 years, it’s important for us to continually evolve to meet our customers’ needs. 

We require that all farmers who supply us with milk subscribe to the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program.  FARM works with dairy producers, processors and industry partners to demonstrate the highest standards on U.S. dairy farms in the areas of quality, animal care, environmental sustainability and workforce development.  We share a passion with the farmers in taking the best care of cows and the environment and producing safe, wholesome milk.

Our commitment to quality is one of the many reasons to always feel good about choosing Hood.  Because at Hood we know that every delicious drop of milk matters.

No Artificial Growth Hormones*

We're proud to say that all Hood Milk and Cream is from farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones (rBST).And even though the FDA concluded that rBST is safe and that there is no significant difference between the milk obtained from cows treated with rBST and those that are untreated, we are happy to provide this assurance. 

*To satisfy our consumers, our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. 

All Milk is Tested for Antibiotics**

Hood is pleased to say that we meet all regulatory requirements for the testing of antibiotics in our raw milk supply.  Every load of raw milk is tested by approved analysts as required prior to the receipt into the processing plant.  In the unlikely event that any milk tests positive for antibiotics, it will be rejected before it ever enters our facility.

** FDA requires milk to be tested for certain antibiotics