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About HP Hood LLC

Company Overview

For more than 170 years, the name Hood® has been synonymous with fresh, quality dairy products that taste great. Founded in 1846 in Charlestown, Massachusetts by Harvey Perley Hood, the company has since extended its New England roots, and today Hood is a national company distributing dairy products throughout the United States. In fact, HP Hood LLC is now one of the country’s largest branded food and beverage companies with 13 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. The company also maintains its own research and development operation, which supports the superior product quality and innovation that Hood customers have come to expect.

HP Hood LLC Headquarters

Six Kimball Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940
Tel. 617-887-3000 or 800-343-6592

HP Hood LLC Annual Sales

Approximately $2 billion

HP Hood LLC Employees

Management Team (Alphabetical Order)
H. Scott Blake, Senior Vice President, Operations
Lynne Bohan, Vice President, Communications and Government Affairs
Theresa M. Bresten, Vice President, Treasurer
Jonathan Fischer, Vice President, Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs
Gary R. Kaneb, Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey J. Kaneb, Executive Vice President
John A. Kaneb, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
James A. Marcinelli, Vice President, Controller
Paul C. Nightingale, Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Christopher S. Ross, Vice President, Marketing and Research & Development
Jane Seitz, Vice President, Human Resources
Mike J. Suever, Senior Vice President, Milk Procurement
James F. Walsh, Executive Vice President, Sales